Cesa del louf


An ancient Dolomites Farm restored to its former glory

The skillful restoration of the original materials and the care dedicated to improving their characteristics make Cesa del louf a place to feel part of nature, surrounded by the atmosphere of the past and in the comforts of the present.


The strength of natural stone and the warmth of solid wood dominate a renovation studied in every detail.


The meticulous research of materials allowed to renovate the farmstead respecting its true nature. Inner spaces of Cesa del louf has been studied in every detail. The renovation was carried out with a careful attention to the recovery and processing of the original materials of the building. The holes left by the studded shoes of the local peasants and the number of other signs embedded on the chalet by human passage in the past are here mixed with the old woods, the scratches and the holes that time has left on floors and walls, and on the ancient stones with their deep fissures and vibrant burnt colours. Elements that today dominate the renovation both inside and outside, giving the chalet a typical and welcoming atmosphere Cesa del louf has been made an even more functional and extremely comfortable place to enjoy by the choice of installing a modern home automation system with underfloor heating and large windows opening to the outside to allow light and the marvelous view becoming part of the house. Each door of Cesa del louf is closed by an antique lock, each still working with the original key of the era. A detailed description of every one of the locks can be found in a specially dedicated book showing the collection of about two hundred locks displayed on the chalet.

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